Tax Preparation

We offer personalized tax preparation services because we realize that each person and family have their own unique tax situations.  We will provide you with guidance to enable you to gather the information necessary for us to prepare complete and accurate returns.  Your annual tax preparation should not be a stressful event, and Robin will work with you to ensure you have no need to worry about your tax filings.

Tax Planning

There may be stages in your life when a little planning may save you a great deal of tax!  Starting a family, buying a home, sending the children to college, saving for retirement, collecting Social Security and many other events all have tax implications.  Taxes are complicated.  Robin’s most common answer to your tax questions is “it depends” because not only is your tax situation different from others, but your current‐year taxes may be different than your past or future years.  She will use her expertise to give you the answer that applies to your circumstances and goals.

Tax Advice

The person sitting next to you in a restaurant, the co‐worker, or the clerk at the hardware store may excel in their own careers, but leave the tax advice to a tax professional.  Robin has been working in tax for over 35 years and routinely exceeds her CPA licensing requirements for continuing education to stay current with tax law changes, regulations, IRS interpretations and guidance.  She will ask the questions to be able to apply the tax laws to your particular situation so that you can do what you do best and leave the taxes to Robin.